120th anniversary of the conclusion of the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between Japan and Brazil

Stand up, Tohoku! Thank you, Brazil! Sao Paulo TATINÉPTA Project 2015

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The Executive Committee of San Paulo TATINÉPTA Project 2015

15m height of mountainous NEPTA appears on the Sao Paulo Samba Carnival 18,000km away!


~The passion~ Strong relationship between Brazil and Japan

In 2015, which will be the 120th anniversary of the conclusion of the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between Japan and Brazil, "TATINÉPTA", the Neputa Festival of Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture, is going to take part in the samba carnival in Sao Paulo.
With feelings of gratitude to Brazil, who backed Japan up when the Great East Japan Earthquake had struck in 2011, "TATINÉPTA" is to participate in the carnival with the cooperation of "Aguia de Ouro," the prime team of the first division league of Sao Paulo's samba carnival.
The proponents, including Junko Koshino and the mayor Hirayama of Goshogawara City, who support an aim of performing "Japan's genuine festival" in Brazil, the country in which 1.6 million Japanese descendants live, have determined to parade the extra-big floats at the carnival. By introducing "TATINÉPTA," they desire to express gratitude for Brazil's support to Japan at the time of disaster, such as the contribution, removing of the debris by heavy equipment, the donation of alcohol and bicycles, and so on.

Kick-off in Sao Paulo!Theme is JAPAN!

With wearing costumes designed by fashion designer Junko Koshino, "TATINÉPTA" is going to take part in Brazil's samba carnival, as the unit of the prime team of the first division league of the carnival called "Aguia de Ouro" (4,000 members in all).

*Brazil's Sao Paulo Carnival
Like the Rio Carnival, the Sao Paulo Carnival is one of the largest samba carnivals in all of Brazil. Given about an hour, each team will show a grand performance, moving to the beat of rhythmical music, introducing dancers who wear gorgeous costumes, and pulling huge parade floats. Each team will join the parade at 11:00 pm and give their climactic performances at dawn.
*Aguia de Ouro
Sao Paulo's prestigious samba team of the first division league.
Established in 1976, Aguia de Ouro has been invited to Japan's Asakusa Samba Festival every year and has become a famous and popular team among the Japanese.
The 120th Anniversary Project of The Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between Japan and Brazil Samba Carnival JTB Tour (Go to the external site)

A costume designed by Junko Koshino

Junko Koshino, Fashion Designer
While studying at Bunka Fashion College, Koshino won the prestigious Soen Award for new designers to be the youngest winner at 19 years old. Since then she has continued to work on the cutting edge of fashion as a designer. While maintaining her base in Tokyo, starting with the Paris Collection in 1978, she traveled to the cities including Beijing, New York, Hanoi, and Cuba, to hold her fashion shows globally.
Beyond fashion, she has also designed fireworks and created work in both interior and culinary design at the Ryukyukaien Festival in Okinawa. Through such wide range of activities, Koshino endeavors to communicate Japanese culture and tradition to the world. She enjoys authentic festivals such as the one that has its roots in Kishiwada City, Osaka, known as the "Danjiri Festival."

About TatineptaEveryone is filled with feverish excitement for the Tohoku Festival! Goshogawara's TATINÉPTA, the feature of summer in Japan

"The TATINÉPTA Festival" is a summer event running every year from August 4th to August 8th in Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture, attracting a number of people from all over. Shouting high-spiritedly to spur themselves on, participants walk around the Goshogawara City area. With an overwhelming presence of a 23m in height/19ton in weight parade float, they fascinate the roadside spectators.

In Goshogawara City, the giant TATINÉPTA floats used in the festival are being stored and can be viewed around the clock at the "TATINÉPTA no Yakata" (Museum of TATINÉPTA). There you can experience the making of new floats and the creation of local handcrafts of Tsugaru region in Aomori, and you can join the practice of o-hayashi (traditional Japanese musical accompaniment) that follows Goshogawara's TATINÉPTA floats. These are just some of the many events to choose from while there.

The latest information about the 2015 TATINÉPTA Festival is here: TATINÉPTA no Yakata (Go to the external site)
Goshogawara City official site

Please support and join this project!Help us make sure that the passion and dedication of the people of Goshogawara City and Junko Koshino reach Brazil!

We are recruiting supporters!¥10,000 per fund

Your name, company, group, or the names of friends or family (including the deceased) will be registered as supporters and placed inside the TATINÉPTA float itself, which will go on to the carnival!

Supporter's Benefits

  • Your name will be appeared on the supporters' list on the project's official site. (*1&3)
  • Your name will be stated on the supporters name board and dedicated on main body of the carnival participating NEPTA. (*2&3)
  • A complete set of commemorative photos of carnival's opening ceremony for TATINÉPTA. (*5)
  • An original-made hand towel.

  • *In accordance with event regulations, the supporters name board will be dedicated and placed inside TATINÉPTA.
  • *Please note that there are cases when the design, size and installation place of the supporters name board may change.
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  • *1If you prefer your name statement not to be shown on the website, please specify in the notes.
  • *2Your name will be published in the registry and carried in the main body of the TATINÉPTA float. If you would prefer your name not be displayed in the record, please specify in the notes.
    Applications for a supporter's benefit will be accepted until March 31st, 2015. Applications for name registration privileges for inside the TATINÉPTA float will be accepted until January 31st, 2015.
  • *3If you are to put the name of another person on the board, please specify his/her name in the notes (As a memorial service, we also accept a decedent's name).
  • *4With an each contribution, one person's name will be published in the registry inside the TATINÉPTA float and displayed on the official website.
  • *5You will be given the data of electronic photos either by DVD's shipment or Email. Please choose preferable way and specify in the notes.
  • *6Please specify your size in the notes if you support over 3 units of fund (S/M/L).
  • *7Transportation & lodging charges are at your own expenses. There are cases when the total number of qualified participants is subject to restriction.
  • *The presents shown above will be shipped after the samba carnival is ended, which will be in April 2015. The shipment is available only in Japan.
  • *Your contribution can not be eligible for a tax deduction on the donation.

We also welcome corporate/group sponsorship; please contact us for details.

The Executive Committee of San Paulo TATINÉPTA Project 2015
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The Executive Committee of San Paulo TATINÉPTA Project 2015
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